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The Foundations of Teaching for learning program is designed for teachers and educators of all abilities and backgrounds; from those who are new to the classroom and looking for development, to experienced teachers ready to reboot their skills for modern education.

This Course program will help develop and strengthen the skills in teaching, professionalism, assessment, and more.  This Course attempts to prepare the Early Childhood teachers to interact

meaningfully with young children .The course is built on an understanding of the child as an active participant in events and activities around as well as a keen observer of phenomena.

This Course will help teachers in assessing their current role and the things they find easy or difficult to do and will help teachers to identify the areas they need to focus on for Professional Development.


The LIFE TEACHER FOUNDATION DEVELOPMENT COURSE is a 12 month course. Teachers will also learn about various techniques of effective lesson planning. A globally recognized certificate will be awarded on completion of the course.

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Develop overall teacher competencies for pedagogy, class room management and nurturing every child, the elements that need to be present for effective teaching and successful learning to take place.
  • Raise standards of children’s achievement and promote high-quality learning and teaching in schools
  • Train teachers to support in the development of schools as professional learning communities.
  • Help teachers to face the daily challenge of balancing pre-determined curriculum with individual learning styles.


Teacher leadership is the need of the time.  The unprecedented demands being placed on schools today require leadership at every level. In the most successful schools, teachers supported by administrators take initiative to improve school wide policies and programs, teaching and learning, and communication. By understanding the phenomenon of teacher leadership and helping teachers develop the skills required to act as leaders, we will improve schools and help teachers realize their full potential.

Highlights & Benefits

At the end of the course , teachers will be able to take up any of the following ten roles as leaders.

  1. Resource Provider– Teachers help their colleagues by sharing instructional resources.
  2. Instructional Specialist– An instructional specialist helps colleagues implement effective teaching strategies.
  3. Curriculum Specialist- understanding content standards, how various components of the curriculum link together and how to use the curriculum in planning instruction and assessment.
  4. Classroom Supporter- Classroom supporters work inside classrooms to help teachers implement new ideas, often by demonstrating a lesson, co- teaching, or observing and giving feedback.
  5. Learning Facilitator- Facilitating professional learning opportunities among staff members is another role for teacher leaders.
  6. Mentor– Mentors serve as role models; and advise new teachers about instruction, curriculum, procedure, practices, and politics.
  7. School Leader- Being a school leader means serving on a committee, such as a school improvement team; acting as a grade-level or department chair; supporting school initiatives; or representing the school on community or district task forces or committees.
  8. Data Coach- Teacher leaders can lead conversations that engage their peers in analyzing and using this information to strengthen instruction.
  9. Catalyst for Change– Teacher leaders can also be catalysts for change, visionaries who are “never content with the status quo but rather always looking for a better way”
  10. Learner – Among the most important roles teacher leaders assume is that of learner. Learners model continual improvement, demonstrate lifelong learning, and use what they learn to help all students achieve.


This is a 18 month course designed for teachers to enhance their already existing teaching skills and develop leadership skills. This Course will help teachers in developing their knowledge and skills over time to become better at their job and progress in their career.

Teachers can find a wealth of opportunities to extend their influence beyond their own classrooms to their teaching teams, schools, and districts.

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