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Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. The sensory and experiential nature of AR allows learners of all three modalities – kinaesthetic, visual and auditory – to benefit from Augmented Education and achieve faster learning, while developing cognitive ability.

Research indicates that the use of Augmented Reality Technologies in teaching children helps them get motivated and engaged in their learning activities. As a result, their memory retention also tends to improve.

In today’s evolving world, children have easy access to digital technology. There is no doubt that it has more negative effects than positive outcomes. Progress should not stop and we cannot step backwards. To revolutionise this technology surge ,LIFE  introduces the Augmented Reality LIFE Book of Learning which goes hand in hand with new age technology while keeping the knowledge quotient active in every child.

The goal behind introducing this technological learning is to address the issue of mobile addiction in children. We aim to do this by seeding in a behavioural change in children towards new age technology. Our first set of books feature our lovable animals. The book comes alive when accessed through the FREE downloadable Application – AR Animals and engages children by allowing them to explore and understand the behaviour and nature of these animals in a more interactive manner. An informative structured description has been given for each animal, alongside a story to enjoy, as they learn through written and auditory methods.

Animals will appear on your tablet or smartphone and interact with your young reader as he/she touches the screen. This book is perfect for classroom and at-home story time. These books create opportunities to engage teachers/parents into the learning experience of their children. At first, teachers or parents should read the poem or story to their children.  Children can then explore the Application and play around with the animals as they come alive on screen.  Children can also learn to spell the name of the animal by clicking on the alphabets that appear on the screen in the right sequence.

‘Augmented Reality’ LIFE Book is one of a kind technology based book which gives learning a new platform. It truly sets the stage on which LIFE makes its stand- that is learning through integration.


Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

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